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IEPTracker’s Report Center takes the edge off managing paperwork that’s missing, submitted, sent back, or approved. With just the click of a button, a report gets generated with dependable accuracy; significantly simplifying the process of ensuring paperwork is submitted in a timely fashion. Sending required paperwork to the BOE can be done directly through IEPTracker.

All providers’ and cases’ information gets stored in IEPTracker, making it simple to email all providers directly through the tracker. Automated emails remind providers about upcoming reports, eliminating the case manager’s job of manually checking what’s due and then calling or emailing each provider to remind them. IEPTracker organizes all the information you need and makes it simple and easy to find whatever you need; no more losing papers or forgetting where something was saved. Eliminate unnecessary stress and start using IEPTracker!

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Pending Documents
Receive all provider submissions through IEP Tracker. Review and accept or send back all documents from pending documents folder.
New IEPs
Send annuals and new IEPs to the BOE. Track all follow-up with administrators, record meeting date and set reminder for IEP meetings. Once a new IEP is received, new goals are automatically imported.
Email Providers
Send an email to all providers or any other IEPTracker user or role. Provider gets an email when a new IEPTracker message is received and sender can see when the message was read and/or deleted.
Missing Invoice Report
Missing Invoice Report displays all invoices that have not been submitted and how many errors the provider has to easily track the progress of providers’ invoices. This can be used to see where providers are up to with their monthly paperwork.
Cases Info
Store and track all cases with their personal information, related documents from the BOE and providers, IEP mandates & goals, assignments and all required information.
Missing Quarterly Report
Check all quarterly reports due within any time frame, the status of the report, the due date, IEP date, as well as which provider is responsible for the report. Send an email to the provider from this report as a reminder about the quarterly.
Pending Docs Notes
Track documents submitted through IEPTracker: when it was submitted, if it was sent back and why, when it’s resubmitted and when it’s approved.
Manage Case Docs
Documents submitted through IEPTracker are easy to find and retrieve. Search by file type, case, provider, month, or year. Email these documents to the BOE or any other email. Download documents from here as well.