IEPtracker simplifies the supervisor’s role of reviewing provider’s submissions and approving them or sending them back for corrections, with a note informing the provider what needs to be corrected. Submissions can be sent to and from the providers instantly, with all the activity recorded, enabling submissions to be approved much faster. IEPtracker also provides a platform for supervisors to log all their daily activity as well as schedule observations and submit reports based on their observations.

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Approving Paperwork
Supervisor instantly receives submissions from providers. Review and accept or not approve from pending documents folder in IEP Tracker. Documents not approved get sent back to provider accompanied by a note with an explanation.
Observation Report
Schedule, record and submit observation reports through IEP Tracker. A copy of the report can be sent to the case manager and/or provider.
Edit Goals
Supervisors can edit IEP goals that the provider submits so the reports can get approved more quickly and efficiently, minimizing the back and forth. Once a report is approved it can be sent to the BOE administrator directly through IEPtracker.
View all providers and their assignment information, as well as last observation date to better manage providers and make it easier to plan and schedule observations.