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IEPtracker automates the tedious elements of checking to make sure the agency is in compliance with the BOE regulations. The primary focus of IEPtracker is to incorporate all the BOE regulations, updating as the regulations change, to enable your agency to always be in compliance. IEPtracker is an organized, reliable, accurate software platform that can be relied upon to provide up to date information, documentation and reports for all aspects of your agency. Eliminate the stress of trying keep up with the frequently changing BOE regulations and start using IEPtracker.

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Home page contains several portlets with alerts for missing paperwork, excessive absences, mandates not assigned and other requirements that may need attention and followup.
Set up the agency calendar to ensure no services will be provided on closed holidays. Customize which days your agency will be closed for services.
CMR Upload
Track all cases start and end dates with the CMR Upload Report, enabling your agency to have all cases up to date in the BOE CMR.
Absent Report
Keep track of cases’ absences using the Absent Report. This report displays all absent sessions and can be viewed by week, month and semester. When a case has over 5 consecutive or 20+ absences, this report generates an RDNA that gets submitted to the BOE through IEPtracker.