Eliminate pen and paper for providers. Everything gets recorded and submitted electronically. IEPtracker keeps all documents and submissions organized, with notifications if anything is missing. Session notes are simple and easy to record with a drop-down menu of all IEP goals. Automated reminders keep providers up to date about upcoming quarterly, annual or turning five reports. Annual and Turning Five reports are simple to write with a user friendly format. Changing IEP goals is quick and easy with a preset menu of goals that can be customized or used as is. All documents submitted get saved in organized folders making it easy to find and retrieve any time. Forms for teacher/parent signatures get generated automatically and can be uploaded through IEPtracker directly to the office. Eliminate paperwork and save time by using IEPtracker.

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Send messages to and receive from office staff through IEP Tracker.
Updating IEP Goals
Change or add IEP goals easily with preset goals that can also be customized.
Case Info
View all assigned cases, their IEPs and all applicable information related to the case, organized and easy to navigate.
Case Docs
All documents submitted for the case automatically gets organized and stored by file type, month and year making it easy to find and reference.
Submitting Invoice
Provider invoice automatically generated based on sessions recorded. Invoice checks that all required monthly submissions were done before it can be submitted. Once invoice is submitted, a form is generated to get teacher / parent signatures which can then be uploaded and instantly sent to office staff for review and approval.
Recording Sessions
Record session notes on calendar displaying all scheduled sessions. Choose a goal from a drop-down menu and write short activity and outcome. Absences and make-ups are also recorded on the calendar with just a few clicks.
Personal Docs
Easy to manage personal documents required by the agency; ensures all personal documents are up to date.
Home Page
Get a quick glance on the home page of any paperwork that’s missing: personal documents, quarterly reports, annual reports, and turning five reports.