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IEPtracker enables you to rest at ease knowing that your agency will be in compliance with the BOE regulations. The simple, organized format of IEPtracker with all the comprehensive reports enables you to quickly check up on any aspect of the agency and follow up on anything needs to be addressed. IEPtracker provides you with a simple and efficient way to track all departments within your agency and maximize your agency's potential.

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Agency Overview
Comprehensive graph of each month’s income, payable, net income, sessions, make-ups, indirect sessions, scheduled sessions, providers, cases and more.
Oversee Supervisor’s Activity
Track supervisor’s logs to review their daily activity. Generate reports based on their activity, export it, print it or send to an email.
Mandates Not Assigned
Home portlet and full report track any current mandate that has not been assigned to any provider to ensure that all cases’ mandates are being filled.
Provider Hours
Home portlet and full report track all providers, how many assignments they have, how many hours they are currently working and the total number of hours for all providers.